CFL Light Bulbs – Users Guide for Retrofits

September 28, 2016 Published by

CFL light bulbs

In the lighting industry, the CFL vs LED debate favors LEDs as the wave of the future. But based on the economics, CFL light bulbs continue to be popular.

The most common CFL light bulbs for retrofits are:

CFL Spiral Bulbs are screw-in base bulbs most often found with medium Edison (E-26) bases and integral ballasts; these can be used in common household fixtures that are designed for incandescent bulbs such as table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and wall sconces.

Decorative CFL Bulbs or Globe Lamps are similar to spiral lamps, but feature a globe or other decorative shape enclosing the actual CFL lamp. These are used in more decorative fixtures where the lamp is visible such as bathroom and ceiling lighting.

CFL Flood Lamps also have a screw-in base, and are designed to focus light on the objects in front of them. They are commonly used in indoor fixtures such as recessed or enclosed down lights as well as outdoor floodlights.... More

Vapor Proof Fluorescent Light Fixtures: When, Where and Why

September 22, 2016 Published by

Vapor Proof Fluorescent Light Fixtures

In many lighting scenarios, using dust or vapor proof fluorescent light fixtures to protect the light source from harsh elements and other threatening conditions can be a challenge.

Parking garages, tunnels, temporary construction lighting, food processing, walk-in freezers, stairwells, car washes, farms and barns, subways, laundry facilities, sports arenas, and oil and gas drilling operations all present unique challenges to the lighting system designer that vapor proof fixtures solve.

More often than not, the solution involves using vapor proof fluorescent high bay light fixtures.... More

Fluorescent vs. LED High Bay Lighting Retrofits

September 15, 2016 Published by

Fluorescent vs. LED

High bay lighting systems are changing, ushering in a new era of energy-efficient commercial lighting fixtures.  When comparing fluorescent vs LED costs or lumens for commercial and industrial facilities, remember that retrofitting your high bay lighting with either of these options is a great way to minimize electricity consumption.

When retrofitting high bay lighting fixtures for factories, warehouses, big box stores and gyms, switching from the legacy metal halides to fluorescent or LED fixtures can generate up to 50 percent in energy savings as well as providing instant-on and restrike features, improved color qualities and emergency ballasting options.... More