LED High Bay Lighting Retrofits – Buyer’s Guide

October 13, 2016 Published by

LED High Bay Lighting Buyer's Guide

LED high bay lighting is getting more affordable.

For years, LED lighting industry experts have proclaimed LEDs the wave of the future when costs ultimately come down, while LED lighting price was always just out of reach.

Well costs have definitely come down. For many commercial and industrial lighting contractors, the time for LED lighting retrofits has finally arrived.

In the commercial and industrial lighting world, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to affect the bottom line – with energy consumption and long-term maintenance costs often being low hanging fruit for efficiency experts and energy service companies (ESCOs).

If you’re looking for high bay LED lighting for sale, this buyer’s guide compares fixtures from top manufacturers.

Lighting contractors say lighting represents up to 37% of a typical warehouse’s monthly electricity consumption expense. A properly designed and executed LED high bay lighting retrofit can reduce energy usage by up to 60% – making a significant difference in a company’s bottom line.... More