Warehouse Lighting Retrofits with LED and Fluorescent High Bays – 3 Case Studies

November 10, 2016 Published by

warehouse lighting retrofits

Warehouse lighting retrofits usually involve LED or fluorescent high bay or low bay lighting fixtures.

When retrofitting warehouse lighting fixtures with LEDs or fluorescents, lighting contractors should start by evaluating the existing lighting system to determine how the newer lighting fixtures can be best integrated into an older high pressure sodium or metal halide warehouse lighting plan.

Selecting the right lighting contractors, designers and suppliers can be half the battle, since they’re aware of how the latest warehouse high bay lighting fixtures can positioned to achieve the right lighting design and energy efficiency goals.

The best lighting contractors can perform warehouse lighting retrofits that take full advantage of advances in energy management based on the latest standards and regulations. For example, though LED high bay lighting has made rapid advances, it is not automatically the best solution for every warehouse – so managers shouldn’t be quick to do full LED warehouse lighting retrofits before fully understanding all the costs and options.... More