LED Mining Lights Becoming Technology of Choice

January 3, 2017 Published by

LED mining lights

For those working in the mining industry, lighting can be a life or death proposition. Miners depend on visual cues to detect threats related to falls to the ground, slips/trips/falls (STFs), moving machinery and other safety hazards.

Though major mining countries have their own unique set of standards regarding safe mining lights, the parameters are usually established by type of mining being done.

LED lighting technology has emerged as the technology of choice because LEDs do not have glass coverings or filaments that can break.

LED lights are also more efficient because they can provide around 50,000 hours of useful light, nearly 50 times more than the other available technologies. Though it varies from country to country, lighting devices are usually tested in government facilities. There are set guidelines for the amount of illumination needed in mines and these guidelines vary according to the workplaces.... More