Budget DIY Methods Of Revamping Your Kitchen

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Kitchen Remodel DIY

Today, the kitchen has turned out to be the heart of the family home, the place where we are spending most of our family time. We generally tend to gravitate towards our kitchens for more than just meal preparation. That’s why the room’s design needs to fulfill both social and functional needs.

The place ought to be inviting and practical, making use of smart design in maximizing functionality while effectively using the available space and light. It’s, in most cases, the home’s centerpiece and what most potential buyers will generally look at first. A cooking space that’s run down can easily put off a prospective buyer; therefore, revamping the place is a great idea.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend inordinately large sums of money or time in refurbishing your cooking space. Here are several cheap and easy methods that will steer you towards your goal:

  1. Cabinets And Shelves

For a Do-It-Yourself job, the best place to start with is your cabinetry. One option may be to replace them completely or simply insert new doors. You’re sure to find an extensive range of styles, colors and sizes in wooden, glass panel and colored MDF materials.

If you need additional storage, make use of the empty sections on the walls to install a couple of wall-mounted shelves. There are lots of storage options available such as adjustable racks or under-the-shelf type of storage racks.

Note that there are particular guidelines and technical specifications on how your cabinetry must be built, installed and used.

  1. Smart Lighting

Whether your goal is upgrading fixtures or simply brightening up the entire space, smart lighting could quickly and greatly enhance the appearance of your cooking space. You may select from a variety of chic pendants, downs or ceiling lights. Additionally, you can apply under-cabinet lighting.

  1. Fittings And Accessories

The look of your cooking space is completed by the fixtures and accessories you have. Changing these does not call for too much effort, although it has the potential of making a huge impact. On your cabinetry, try replacing the knobs, handles and hinges. Consider the possibility of getting new tapware which are available in modern styles and designs today.

  1. Floor Covering

There are many floor coverings available which will suit your taste and budget. They range from wooden, terracotta, ceramic, laminate, porcelain tiles to vinyl. These will look great on your floor and they are also durable. In case you have floorboards that are worn out due to constant usage, you might decide to have them polished.

  1. Smart Use Of Paint

Nothing works better in upgrading kitchens than a new coat of paint. It has the potential of giving your room a completely new look. Actually, you don’t have to paint the walls in order to enhance the look of your cooking space. A smart paint job given to your drawers and cabinets is an easy and quick method of adding some flair. Today, you will even get paints which have been specially designed to revive old laminate bench tops or tiles.

Written By: Jeremy Foxe of Apollo Kitchens

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