Why Do People Still Use Fluorescent Lighting?

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Fluorescent Lighting Popularity

Is fluorescent lighting still viable?  LED lighting is one of today’s most energy efficient and rapidly growing lighting technologies on the market. LED lamps last longer, use less energy, are more durable, and offer comparable (or better) lighting quality than other solutions on the market.

So why is it that in this modern society where energy efficiency is on the minds of almost everyone, people are still buying the less-efficient and outdated fluorescent lighting fixtures and lamps?

Up front LED costs are expensive

Fluorescent lighting fixtures and lamps cost much less up front than their expensive LED counterparts. Even though one of the main reasons that people choose LED is because it saves more money over time due to the lower energy usage, many companies and individuals would rather save money up-front by going with fluorescents instead of spending more initially on LED technology.

Fluorescent Lighting is Familiar

Another reason people are still using fluorescent lighting is because it’s a very familiar technology to most contractors and maintenance workers. LED brings with it an entirely new set of options and verbiage that many seasoned electricians aren’t familiar with. For instance, someone who has been using fluorescent lighting fixtures knows the exact type of wattage that they use for certain situations. All of that gets thrown out the window with LED because wattage is a moving target.  Instead of correlating wattage with light output, LED wattage is really just used to define energy consumption.

Fixture replacement and maintenance

For some, sticking with fluorescent lighting fixtures is simply a matter of convenience. It’s easier to maintain an older system than it is to replace everything all at once. If one out of a hundred fluorescent fixtures stops working, it’s much simpler to replace a single fluorescent high bay then it is to install a hundred new LED high bays. Many establishments have simply not found the right time or resources to transition their lighting from fluorescent to LED.

Early adoption fears for LED

While it might seem like the constant technological development of LED is a good thing, it is a deterrent for some. Like that friend who refuses to buy the latest iPad because he is sure something even better will come along soon, some people are unsure about investing much into technology that could become even better in the near future. Some people are holding onto their outdated fluorescent lighting simply because they are waiting until “the most” energy efficient LED version is available on the market.

Technology Distrust

A distrust for new, untested technology is another big reason that some people have not yet switched to LED. The promise that LED bulbs have a 50,000 hour life- expectancy (approximately 20 years with standard daily usage) has yet to be practically proven because the technology has not been on the market that long yet. Some contractors are afraid to invest in a costly switch, even with the promise of saving a lot of money long-term, because they haven’t yet had a chance to see these promises of energy efficiency hold up in real life. Until that twenty year mark has passed, chances are that some contractors will be suspicious the buzz about LED is unwarranted.

Going Forward

As with any technological advancement that requires an initial investment, sometimes it takes a while for an entire target population to get on board. However, this is the process by which our world becomes more modern and continues to find progressively better solutions and technological advancement. LED is certainly a new wave of lighting technology that could potentially provide better long-term lighting at a more efficient cost, overall. However, it may take a few more years before all contractors are willing to turn in their old fluorescents and invest in an entirely new lighting technology.

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